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Chris E Christian

Candidate for NFDA Secretary

I am a 2021-2023 at-large representative on the NFDA Board of Directors. 

I am co-owner of Christian-Sells Funeral Home in Rogersville, Tennessee.  Since my first connection to funeral service, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience.  My previous employer was an independently owned firm when I started, then was acquired by a corporation. During my time there I worked for two corporations in which I gained vast experience of different types of management. With this knowledge, both of “what to do, as well as what not to do” I contribute to the success I have in ownership.  I soon after purchased my previous firm and with a complete renovation, opened it as Occasions on the Square, a fully operated event center, which also works well with the funeral home.

I have been active with NFDA for many years, having served as the Tennessee representative to the NFDA Policy Board. I have also served as a member of the Budget Task Force, Spokesperson Team, and Audit Task Force. 

I am committed to the mission of NFDA “To provide our members with the critical information, innovative tools, resources and professional community they need in order to serve families, run sustainable businesses and become pillars in their communities.”

At the beginning of my ownership career, I reached out to the NFDA. The NFDA supplied me with all the data I needed for obtaining financial loans.  After the opening of the firm, they provided me with the forms and legal assistance essential to help me make it a success.  NFDA has been a major help to me, I understand what NFDA is about, can do, and I want to make sure that NFDA continues to stand strong for us, as well as our future funeral service providers. 

  I want to make sure we keep a good relationship with our governmental leaders and make sure they realize life is worth remembering.

With all the knowledge I have accumulated in my life of practice, my history of serving my state in all of the board positions, and my history of supporting NFDA as a member, policy board member, At-Large member, and as an owner of a funeral home, I feel I am ready to serve as secretary of NFDA.

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