Meet Chris -
Just A Voice

University of Wyoming Graduate 
BA Psychology and Anthropology with a Minor American Indian Studies 1998
Western Wyoming Community College (Christine Onkst) AA Psychology
Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society - Dean's list at UW
Attended University of Wyoming School of Law 1998 - College drop out !
 I am not a lawyer today. 
Democratic Delegate to Wyoming 2016 State Convention

Semi-Retired 7 years, Part-time self-employed for over 35 years
Notary Public  and  Great Plains as well as Quick Books bookkeeping . I also have a paper route and I have a reputation as a hard worker.   
A long time ago in 1967, I went the first time to UW on a Jouranalsim scholarship.  I decided to raise a family instead. When I came back to Wyoming, I got the education I'd wanted.  I am a writer, a social commentator and a VOICE for the People. 

I am a rogressive Liberal - no longer sure I'm going to be a Democrat.  We need REFORM in Government - not to boot it out completely.  It's the People in the Government who are Wrong for America and Wyoming.  I'm going to
 What do I stand for and why am I keeping this page up?  
My values include honesty, fairness, pragmatism, good judgment, and integrity of character. I value the ethic of being a "good sport".   
Further I value, intellect, education, and the ability to reason. I am a scientist that believes strongly in our State Motto: Equality.
I believe that all Life matters not just all lives.
Finally, and above all I value Compassion in and for others.  
"Let your greatest virtue be known as kindness" Lao Tzu  

Wyoming Native

Home Town Girl

My mother, Frances Louise Pilcher-Needham was born in Midwest, Wyoming in 1928.  My grandmother, Harriette May McKibben - Pilcher and my grandfather Francis Roland (Red) Pilcher were married in Douglas where both families had homesteaded after the railroad was brought to the area in early 1900.   Shawnee, where my mother grew up is now one of Wyoming's ghost towns.  Many family members still reside nearby.

I was priveledged to be raised and to hopefully,  live my final years out in the lovely Teton Valley of Jackson Hole where my family and I enjoy the outdoors and the wildlife as much as our vistors do every season of the year. There is truly no place else like this and that's why I'm running for a Chair in the Wyoming House of Representatives. No one loves this place any more than I do. It's my home and I want it to be here and pure for my grandchildren's children (already three more generations on the ground here) and for yours as well.
My top three priorities as far as commitment to my Community:  
1. Assuring that all segments of the community are being served with parity and without bias by our Legislature, i.e. Are we a handicapped friendly town and county?
2. To assure accountability and transparency in all programs from all participants
3. To insure that the Legislature supplies what is needed to support the quality of life for workers, for teens, for younger kids, and for seniors without regard to race, gender or any affiliation to a religious tenet.