The Progressive Liberal Voice of HD 22

It's Time for a Democrat in the House!
House District 22 encompasses a very large area with a very small population centered in several small and widespread Communities.   Over two thirds of it holds some of our most treasured Wilderness!

My purpose is to set and keep the record straight about what transferring Public Lands to the States would mean to and for House District 22 and all of Wyoming. I feel strongly that our National Forests and Public Lands must not be sold off to private interests. I hope you'll stand with me in keeping Public Lands in Public Hands for now and well into the future. 


Thank you, Chris Christian

Chris Christian

Not running for Office Nor am I a Politican - I am VOICE for and an Advocate for the Government of Wyoming to CHANGE it's policies.

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Chris is a born and Jackson raised third generation Wyomingite. Her father Stan Needham,  ran the Wrangler Cafe  in downtown Jackson for many years and with family still in the valley, Chris knows the issues that confront the people of western Wyoming by heart. 
I may have lost in the Primary Election but I haven't lost my direction.  This page is still about House District 22 and Wyoming Politics.  I intend to keep stirring it up.  
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The first thing out of my mouth when I announced my candidacy was the "I am not a Politician".  My second statement was that "I don't want anything to do with the money." 

Those are promises I can keep and I won't make  any that I can't. Even though I'm declared a Democrat, there is no one trying to buy my loyalty nor would they get it with money. That is what I call Integrity and it's important to me that I keep mine and that you get to keep yours.

That said, I appreciate all of the help that I can get and I am grateful for all of your support.   I need all the help you can give me to chase our Carpet Bagger Politicians back east where they've come from to exploit every opportunity to try to take this land and frack it, hack it, use it, abuse it and sell it off to the highest bidder when they're done.

 I so accuse Rep. Marti Halverson. She has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz who has "this plan" which many in the west do and should oppose for reasons I'll further explain in and during my campaign.  The quest to Grab this Land is based on faulty and misleading interpretations of the law by Tea Party Texans who hunt their game on reserves and think we should lock our herds up too.  Justice Antonin Scalia died at just such a Game Ranch garnering a favor of a "friend of the Court" with a case coming up.  

Let's not have that kind of corruption going on in Wyoming even with the spin.  Wyoming people are honest and on the up and up.  I think most folks reading this would agree that I'm just Wyoming BLUNT and it's hard to make me look the other way  over just about anything dishonest!  I don't beleive in skimping on the facts. 

The claim being made by the Sage Brush Rebels is that  Public Lands are poorly managed by the BLM, the EPA, The Fish & Game , the Bureau of Reclamation and the Forest Service, and furthermore  that the States should be granted Title to and managment of those lands.  

The very first point against this plan is that it's wholly Unconstitutional.  The Enabling Act of our State Constitution states: “The people inhabiting this state do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public  lands lying within the boundaries thereof.”  It doesn't seem to me that FOREVER is up.  Btw, China cannot take title to Yellowstone or any other Federally maintained lands. There are plenty of other ways for China to forclose on our debt but it won't be by occupying our Parks - we leave that up to our Domestic Terrorists. 

Keep Reading as I explode another fallacy.

The U.S. Constitution doesn't prevent the federal government from holding the title "to any real property" without state consent. 
Continued >>> 

The so-called "Clause 17" of Article I, Section 8 deals solely with the issue that the Constitution's framers had agreed that the new nation's capital should be located in a district that was independent of any particular state governments and would be subject only to federal control hence, the District of Columbia exists. That's ALL this paragraph deals with.  (paraphrased from several sources) 

​"Clause 17" merely allows Congress to exercise exclusive control over that federal district, and over any structures constructed there deemed necessary for carrying on the business of the national government (such as forts, arsenals, and post offices). It does not preclude the federal government from purchasing or holding title to other land within the various states, or from using public land for purposes such as establishing and managing parks, forests, dams, waterways, and grazing areas without the consent of the states in which those facilities are located.

In fact, the following clause (commonly known as the "Necessary and Proper Clause" or the "Elastic Clause") grants Congress the authority to carry out its enumerated powers, and that clause has since been broadly interpreted to allow the national government management over areas designated as national parks, federal public works projects such as dams and waterways, and livestock grazing on public rangelands.

It's possible that some advocates of the "no title to any real property" viewpoint  such as The Dominionists led by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have championed this cause with the financial backing and blessing of the LDS Church and other Fundamentalist churches or cults.   Our neighbor, Utah continues to force the issue of Public Lands transfer in the interest of "grazing rights".   Hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers, outfitters and the General Public have expressed outrage and opposition to this plan which is endorsed by my opponent.   It is an unfortuante truthful fact that cattle raising on our Public Lands must be phased out. It is in no way putting the land to use in the most practical and environementally sound way to benefit all life that claims residence here.  Let's preserve our Native Species first, I agree with that. 

We have to change,  Wyoming. We can keep the Cowboy but  but we have to boot the cows out the door or find a better way to manage our rangeland in a more equitable way - through negotiations, not wars!   Please, allow me to address these issues in the most practical and pragmatic ways instead of emotionally  throwing rocks at people who either have not thoroughly researched or understood what this would mean to their access to the lands that support our small communities in so many ways.  Think of what would disapear for us and our children's children.  Fishing, hiking, camping, berry picking are my short list! 

We can't just live for today and we can't just use it all up. Let's put the brakes on this destructive and devisive thinking and keep a better eye on what our "government" plans to do with our Legacy.   It's bigger than Wyoming - bigger than Texas too.  This land belongs to all of us - not just the fortuante few. 

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