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Battle Mountain seems an appropriate image for my stand on Public Lands remaining in the Public Domain and continuing to be governed by the agencies that Wyoming could never afford to pay for.  Behind this beautiful butte is the entrance to one of our most treasured recreation areas bringing visitors from all over the state to Granite Hot Springs.  Located in our National Forest, and possibly sitting on top of a Gold Mine if it could be sold off to Private Land Owners who would throw up a fence and lock the rest of us out.  There go our snow mobilers and hunters too.  Please help to protect our access to our wildlands!  
It seems that great numbers of people believe that Constitution Article I Section 8 Clause 17 contains this language:
"The Federal Government shall never own title to any real property which is not specifically authorized by this Constitution such as parks, forests, dams, waterways, and grazing areas without the consent of the State where same is located." (paraphrased from several citations) 
 The language originated in an attempted revison to the Texas Constitution and promoters of the Land Grab  and the Sagebrush Rebellion in 2000 and does not appear anywhere in either the US or the Wyoming Constitutions.

The American Constitution Society analyzed the constitutionality of land transfers, and determined that “states have no constitutional power to force federal land transfers.”

More than two-thirds of Western voters believe that national public lands belong to all Americans and not just to the residents of a particular state.

Federal lands are lands in the United States for which ownership is claimed by the U.S. federal government, pursuant to Article Four, section 3, clause 2 of the United States Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held that this section empowers Congress to retain federal lands, to regulate federal lands such as by limiting cattle grazing, and to sell such lands.  It would take a full-blown Constitutional Amendment to change this - not some Bill passed by a rogue bunch of State Legislators fighting the BLM.  Tell these Land Grabbers to stop wasting our time by supporting my campaign.  Let's keep Wyoming,  Wild Wyoming as much as we possibly can for just as long as we can.  

Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

How the American Lands Council (our opponents) get Funding
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Other Issues I Support on the Teton Democratic Platform which Marti has failed to represent in Cheyenne for us. She voted No and would again if you re-elect her. 

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AAaRepeal Right to Work - Implement Equal Pay for Equal Work & a Raise in the Minimum Wage

In Wyoming the word "Union" is almost grounds for charges of treason but give some thought to our miners and oilfield workers who have been laid off and will continue to be laid off as demands for Fossil Fuels decline. 

Wyomingites have a Right to Work for slave wages and then to get the boot, often without warning.  No wonder no industry wants to come in here. The rents are high, the highways suck and if you get laid off here, it's your own tough luck.

Hard work deserves a living wage - not to be left with starvation wages scraping by working two jobs as the working poor. Hard work is a virtue that should be rewarded not punished!

Let's get some worker benefit programs going on before the next Boom makes us forget the hard times when we need them and they're not just gone, they've never been there for us at all.  A decent living wage is  something we just have to afford or we don't have viable Wyoming businesses.  The businesses are profiting more than any other entity in Wyoming right now - let's see some of that trickle down to housing and lowered rents. 

Bottom Line.      We're busted without new jobs - again. 

Bring New Industry and Technology to Wyoming

Legalizing Hemp is only the first in a series of devloping Wyoming Agricultural Interests in a new direction.  
One that utilizes our water and soil remediation needs with a scientific method deployed by the best agronomists who are succeeding in growing a product that has literally thousands of uses and fulfills hundreds of material needs.  We can stop practices that are now depleting forests and  more importantly, increasing greenhouse gases and contributing to Climate Change.  Of course I beleive that it's real, don't you? 

Leaders from around the world and school children of all ages have sent appeals to every one of our legislators and Statesmen calling upon them to accede to the Scientific evidence and concede that Climate Change is real and that WE are contributing to it.  We just had the shortest winter on record.  I don't beleive in coincidence - do you -still? 

Maybe we should renew the CCC Programs to reclaim Wyoming's mining wastelands. Jobs in this place that could last several years and benfit us all.  I welcome new ideas in regard to this. It matters to us all. 
Wind, Water, Wildlife Wyoming's only viable and most valuable future

With the Nestle Company declaring in California that water is not a natural right, we cannot afford to allow Commercial interests to tie our water up in another  "Right to Life Fight".  

The basic needs of Life for Humans:   clean water, clean air, safe food,  adequate shelter, and love.  Seems to me that these are the Human and Constitutional Rights we should be supporting and upholding even before we guarantee Free Speech or Guns.  

Basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness defined a little more scientifically, perhaps. 

Help me to work with other Legislators to stop Corporate Interests from selling Wyoming's Water Rights again!  We will need every drop we don't send downstream now for new agricultural endeavors - Let's legalize Growing Industrial Hemp and put new Bladeless Wind Turbines to work in our never ceasing Wind and THEN let's bring some modern technology in with preserving and caring most for our natural wildlife!  

Think Hemp Again!  Better cattle feed than Grass Hay! 

Founder and Former Director of Wyoming NORML 

Teton County Democrats have added a plank to our platform advocating the legalization of Industrial Hemp as well as both Medical and Recreational Cannabis.