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(we used many as references)es)

Public Lands Ranching - Western Watershed Project

The Wilderness Society

Our American Public Lands - Wyoming

Our American Public Lands - Legal Facts

Our American Public Lands - News

TRC Blog Online Hub for Western Pushback Against Land Transfer

Back Country Hunters and Anglers

Wyoming Wildlife Federation - On behalf of the undersigned groups and organizations, representing millions of hunters, anglers, fish and
wildlife professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts

Center for Western Priorities - transferring and selling off our lands would be extremely costly to both state and U.S. taxpayers. Economic studies have shown states could only afford the costs of managing public lands under extremely unrealistic and idealized scenarios.

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Sportsmans Access

Trout Unlimited - Wyoming

Wildearth Guardians

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Wyoming Hunters and Anglers Alliance

Wyoming Outdoor Council

 Federal land, Western anger : the Sagebrush Rebellion and environmental
     politics / R. McGreggor Cawley University of Wyoming

Other Sources used in forming our Public Policy Agenda - Opposition Organizations 

How the American Lands Council (our opponents) get Funding

Who or What is ALEC ?

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Candidate Endorsements

Wyoming  Education Association  PAC  - Grateful Thanks! 

Terry Roice  July 7, 2016

I’m voting for Chris Christian.  Here’s why.  She’s a fighter for ordinary people.  She is honest and has integrity.  With her common sense she knows how to balance her own convictions with people’s desires.  She does her homework and thinks deeply about issues.  She works hard to be well informed and to understand ramifications of decisions.  She knows the daily struggles most people have and wants to help.  Best of all she’s neither a politician nor a member of the wealthy elite.  She’ll be there for us all because she is a person of strong character.   
Terry Roice Retired Principal of Western Wyoming/Summit High School   Former Employer 

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