Halverson on the Record

Snowmobiling, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, nature lovers and bird watchers, families and friends  - this is OUR LAND Don't let outsiders and commerical interests take it away because they won't  SHARE!!! 
​Vote BLUE! 

Halverson supporters.
Marti has voted NO on every issue important to Western Wyoming people.

Wake up!!!

She voted against Science - because if Republicans believe the science, they have to concurrently accept man-made climate change (coal, gas & Oil are leaving) - they've taken a vow to renounce any data that makes environmental concerns overshadow those of the Koch brothers concerns including the bears and the wolves. Marti doesn't work for me or you and she doesn't represent our constituency fairly. 

She voted against early childhood education - cutting funding for Literacy Programs - at the very heart of this issue is bigotry and racism - we don't want to teach immigrants or refugees English so they can assimilate here. Reminder: Discrimination is against the Law.

She voted against raising the Minimum Wage - low paid workers need this income and this too is a classic  Republican Elitist and Classist view that prevents  cuts into the profits of "the fortunate few" and fortifies the thinking that the rich are getting richer off the poor man's back. Ethnocentric Wyoming being backed again by the racist Koch Brothers. Marti subscribes to that?

She also voted against Medicaid Expansion. That one, with every citizen in need of health care is not going to be in her favor with EITHER party this year. Tell old Charlie Scott to stick it in his ear.   Wyoming  is shorted $300 million in taxes we failed to bring back home to Wyoming.  That's 111 people  per year that are killed  by the Legislature.  You could literally say that Rep. Marti Halverson has blood on her hands. 

Marti voted against repealing Right to Work - unfair employment practices. Let's not raise the standard of living or do anything that smacks of Unions for anyone but the rich here.  There is too much skimming at the top.  Again, the elite get the pick and to pick the crop. 

Now what did she vote FOR?
Not surprisingly, Firefighter Collective Bargaining.  I wonder why?  Republicans don't like labor Unions although they welcome the Police having one.  The Wyoming firefighter collective bargaining Act was actually going to remove the rights for the union to argue that they should receive health benefits and fair pay and that they could be unionized.  She was fighting against firefighters!  My son being one, I was offended that she doesn't support their Right to Work (which is what that law should say) - we should all have the right to work for fair pay and benefits. 

This religious freedom act  - I firmly believe in  Separation of Church and State.  We also entertained a marriage definition act that failed  to pass only because of Public Outcry in Reaction to it. Once in awhile the people do get through.

Then we have the serious issue of Guns that Marti supports to the point of advocating guns allowed into the Legislative chambers which I find laughable if not ludicrous. I actually hoped that one would pass and we could eliminate a few by attrition but, common sense did finally prevail.  Everyone's afraid to give Gerald Gay a gun - we anticpate  wild west duels that will occur now that she voted to allow guns in schools.  For the Public Safety we need to seriously consider a few regulations here., don't you think?  

But here's Marti's BIG stand and where her financing comes from:
She voted YES to the transfer of Federal Lands. When I couldn't talk her out of it, I knew my hat was going in the ring. It is that one issue and that one alone that made me know that Marti, the Carpetbagger from Chicago has tied herself to the Koch's, big Pharmacy and the Libertarian Ammosexual crowd irreversibly. She's not even really a Republican - she's a Tea Party Land Grabber.   Three years ago I questioned Marti about her involvement in ALEC and she dissimilated - said she wasn't very involved. What do you think of that? 

"Clashes between states and the federal government over their respective authorities have long been a regular feature of our politics, especially when it comes to issues regarding control over federal public lands in the West. More than 700 million acres of federal public lands, including national parks, national forests, and national monuments, belong to all Americans, and are tremendous economic generators—the Department of the Interior stimulated $385 billion in economic development and more than 2 million jobs in 2011 alone.

At times, conflicts over ownership of the federally managed parks, forests, refuges, and other properties have grown into a regional cause in the West, as they did during the “Sagebrush Rebellion,” a political movement demanding the turnover of federal lands to the states that arose in the 1970s but eventually fizzled out in the late 1980s.  We are now seeing yet another iteration of that hardy but misguided western impulse. These state legislative efforts are nothing more than corporate-backed messaging tools that can be traced to conservative front groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, and Americans for Prosperity, as we discuss further below. "

I guess it didn't fizzle out - let's make sure we put that smoke out for good. You'd think the 13th Amendment would have done this State's Rights "issue" in once and for all.   Imagine Wyoming, it's own little country, seceded from the United States, surrounded by "gated entries",  allowing access to none but the elite who fund them.  A big zoo kept to satisfy the blood lust of the top few who can afford the tarrif.   What is here is far too precious to be exploited for the profit of people who already have far more than they can use.  

That is a NOT what Teton County or Sublette or Lincoln wants to see.  The Public is absolutely not behind her here! Respect, honesty, responsibility and good stewardship are at the heart of hunting ethics, something we should teach not in a classroom but in the beautiful wilderness all around us. These are the Values I want to protect and preserve rather than see our hunting heritage and public open lands sold off to the highest bidder.   There may be a few in Lincoln that agree with Marti but when I get done talking and the FACTS come out, there will be a lot of folks who agree that Marti has NOT represented her constituency in Star Valley fairly, accurately, or with enthusiasm. In Teton, she tells us one thing, then does another. Sneaky politicains do that, I hear. I'm not going to be one of them.

​It's time to end the Republican Legislative run on this state - they've proven to be Trump DUMB in wanting to transfer our Public Lands to ANYONE! !

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